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What to wear to winter weddings

Winter weddings are fun according to me.  If you hail from a country, which has tropical weather most year around, like myself, then winter months are a breath of fresh air.  However, it can be quite challenging to find the right outfit for winter weddings.  With increasing number of people choosing to get married in the winter months not only in India (where i originally hail from) but also in the UK (so that they can make their wedding photos even more picturesque, if they are lucky enough to have snow on their special day) it can be tough to find the perfect outfit.

The one rule of thumb to stick by is to choose a nice fabric that falls well and is long enough to cover most of your body so that you can look stylish, yet not freeze! With that in mind, you can make any Maxi length dress work.  I found some lovely options from an emerging designer wear on my recent trip to India Studio casa 9

Their gowns are made of lovely fabric, that make any body shape look flattering.  The embroidery is subtle and elegant, which makes the outfits look appropriate for a wedding guest.  And, just like Indian tradition usually requires the bride to be covered at the wedding as a sign of respect,  the gowns by Studio Casa 9 are tailored just right, not too expose too much of your body but yet show off the right parts of your body (like the shoulders and collar bones).

I teamed the look with some lovely statement jewellery from Tsara jewels.  I kept the look minimal and elegant, not over done.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you would go for the same look for a winter wedding.

Look 5

Look 4

IMG_9489look 5Look 1

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Dreams do come true

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As the title of the blog post suggests, I am going to start by saying dreams do come true!

It is every girls dream to own a wardrobe as big as the ocean.  Of course for practical and monetary reasons this is not possible!  But with Dress me Desi Weddings this dream can be true.  You can wear different outfits to each wedding function and party without having to worry about storage and spending money on purchasing the outfits.

If you are conscience about repeating your outfits and get bored of them easily like me, then Dress me Desi Weddings is the perfect stop for all things Desi.  I recently collaborated with the up coming brand, and the creative director, Nabiha Khan, has embarked on a beautiful project.   If you are a bride-to-be, bride’s sister, mother or friend and are looking to be economical on the BIG DAY then do check out  You can rent outfits for a reasonable price and it is a one stop portal for all things wedding too (including vendors for lighting, decoration, food, flowers and everything else you need)!

Speaking from experience, it is a fabulous idea,  as my wedding outfits are just collecting dust in my wardrobe and if you hire out the outfits from dressmedesi you do not have to worry about the storage nor the price tag that comes with it.  It truly is a win-win situation.

Do check out the lovely outfits on the website or a sneak peak on my instagram page (asweetrohmance).

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My favourite season

IMG_8945Autumn is my favourite time of the year.  The colours are just fabulous and with the winter sun it makes everything looks even prettier.  I decided to wear my favourite autumn colours for this lovely day catching up with friends at Chiswick House.

Luckily I get to visit many parks in London on the weekend and this post it all about the beautiful Chiswick House in West London.  The park is huge, has great facilities for walking, running and for kids to play in a designated area. The weekend I visited the park, I can safely say it was probably the last weekend of autumn or fall as they call it in America.  The leaves and the colours made everything even more majestic with the sub shining through.  From 24 November 2017 – 1 January 2018, Chiswick House are having a magical Lantern festival for which I am definitely going.

My Autumn wardrobe below:

Monsoon Tulip Embroidered Skirt

Massimo Dutti Sweater

Boots from Russell & Bromley

Location: Chiswick House and Gardens



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Pic 3
Anita Dongre outfit

This time of year is quite my favourite – it is cool and yet not cold. Not only are the trees at their best colour but it is also Hindu new year.  For me Diwali (which is the Hindu new year) is one of the favourite festivals of the year.  It is a good build up to Christmas for me, as it is celebrated like a mini Christmas event in every Hindu household, so I am lucky I get to celebrate Christmas twice a year and in close succession too.

New clothes are bought for Diwali, if you are lucky new jewels are also adorned. It’s that time of the year when you meet and speak to all family and friends that have been lost in the daily grind.  Apart from putting on a few kilos with the lovely home cooked food and sweets, it is also a great time for cleaning the house and getting rid of stuff that one doesn’t want or use to welcome the Gods.  For me I love getting dressed (any opportunity to buy and wear new clothes is a happy occasion).

This Diwali I decided to support a completely new designer, Anita Dongre, whose clothes I have not worn before, but are they fabulous in their fit, fabric feel and look? Let me know your thoughts!  The ethnic yet modern prints make it a versatile combination.  The sharara or palazzo pants can also be worn with a plain tee to make it more indo western and on the other hand the top can also be worn with jeans to get more wear out of it.  I certainly felt like a million bucks.


Pic 1



Pic 2

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I was so bored of going to the gym to work out and staring at every passing second on the treadmill like it is a time bomb ready to explode, that I had to venture into different exercise methods to keep me upbeat.

I happened to see this video on Facebook about a class called ((BOUNCE)) and had to try it. My first thoughts were this was going to be easy! Who can’t jump on a trampoline and who doesn’t love the feeling of being a child again?  But lo and behold, it is jumping on a trampoline for 45 minutes constantly and is not as scary as one might think when you are in your 30’s, 40’s or even your 50’s.

I started ((BOUNCE)) as a trial class four months ago and I am so addicted to it now that if I don’t get a space for the class I am grumpy all evening.  The instructor of course makes all the difference to every fitness class and Sarah Dickson – the bubbly energy ball, whose energy is infectious, pushes you to the core.  The class consists of 45 minutes of aerobic choreography on a trampoline and 15 minutes of toning at the end.


The lovely Sarah Dickson and me

The best part of the class is there is no commitment to sign up for weeks or months.  You pay as you go (though booking a week in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment), so if you are on holiday or cannot make it for some reason you don’t lose out.

I can already see a huge difference in my body after starting ((BOUNCE)). It is definitely one of the best fitness classes of our times.

((BOUNCE)) runs at Netherhall Sports Centre on Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 6pm and Sunday at 9am (and did I mention the Sunday class is a child friendly one!).



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A Cyr(y)en(i)creation


Are you a mommy to a toddler? A new mommy or a mommy-to-be? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the correct page. Living in Cambridge has made me more eco-friendly and I am always looking for gifts to give to the little people in my life that can be used and sustained in the long run.  There is nothing more annoying than getting a party bag at a children’s birthday party which is filled with small bits of rubbish that gets thrown in the bin or is too hazardous (why do they make such stuff?).

I recently came across this page of beautiful hand-made crochet Amigurumi items. For all those who are wondering what Amigurumi is, it is a Japanese art form that covers the beautiful trend of crocheting stuffed dolls, animals or even inanimate objects.  I could not resist myself and ordered lot’s of items from Yenieta who is based in Mumbai, India and hand crochets all the items herself as she is so passionate about the art.

The items are not only limited to children’s toys, she also makes hair clips for girls, lunch boxes for school kids, table runners, coasters and many more items.

I can definitely vouch that the Peppa Pig, unicorn and bookmark I received from her to give as gifts were far from disappointment!! Sometimes items on a website can be misleading and look different to when you receive them, but not with these.

Shipping was speedy and I thought they make for a great return gift at a children’s party, they are great for stuffing in an advent calendar (Christmas shopping can never be too early!) or they can even be given at a christening/birth announcement.

Get in touch with Yenieta on Whatsapp for further queries on 0091-98204-88391; or

on Instagram at cyryenicreactions; and

she is on Facebook as Cyryeni creations.

Christmas gifts.jpg



Peppa pig

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Beauty 101

As a working woman it is not always easy to find time to have a beauty regimen.  With some trial and error,  I have now found the products that suit my skin and the regime I need to stick to, to keep my skin glowing.

If you use a lot of make up, the Kiehl’s midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil is great.  I use this every night to remove all the make up and grime off my face and give my face a quick wash with cold water just after that. The skin also needs nourishment other than the food we put into our body, I would advise using the Kiehl’s night repair serum to nourish the face.  Take two drops in your hand and apply gently on your face. I then moisturise my face with their Skin renewing cream.  The skin renewing cream has manuka honey which gives the face a glow and also keeps it will moisturised for wintry dry days.

Off late, I have become very particular about everything I use on my skin. Therefore, why should it be any different for my hair.  I changed to Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo earlier in 2017.  The shampoo is paraben and sulphite free and suitable to all hair types.  It has done great for my hair that was falling rapidly with the rough water we have in the UK.


I hope you found this article useful.  I would love to hear your comments.

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