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All things Cambridge

In my first blog post I am going to write about one of my favourite cafe’s in Cambridge, UK.  Espresso Library, situated on East Road in Cambridge was one of the first cafe’s that started serving matcha latte in historic Cambridge.  When I heard that, I had to go try it out – and find out all the hype behind matcha latte.  If you have a peculiar taste for bitter things then matcha latte will not disappoint.

Since then, Espresso Library have broadened their horizons and started serving light bites along with their guest coffee beans of the month, almond cappuccino and yummy smoothies with chia seeds and other power packed ingredients.  I went to try out the light bites for lunch one Saturday and was not disappointed.

Saturday brunch is my favourite time of the week.  I often go trotting around Cambridge to sit at different cafe’s and enjoy the student and touristy buzz around me, while I sit in one corner with my book.  At Espresso Library you can do just that.  It is extremely spacious for a Cambridge café, you can choose whether you want to sit by the window and watch the world go by, or if you want to sit one corner and read your book whilst enjoying your coffee.

For all cyclist enthusiasts, worry no more if the weather God decides to open up the heavens, there are bike racks inside the café which make it all very cool and add to the décor whilst keeping your cycles dry.

Bicycle racks
Bike racks inside the cafe

Now for the food – there are healthy options and some non-healthy options for days when you are cheating on your diet.  Be sure to try their fluffy pancake for the cheat day and the black bean salad with tahini dressing for the more healthy option.  Their cakes don’t disappoint either.

Black bean salad
Black bean salad with tahini dressing


fluffy pancake
Fluffy pancake with berries and almond slivers


Espresso Library is definitely a place I frequent more than once a month and sometimes even sneak in there for a quick coffee when I want to get away from my desk.


Cambridge feel


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