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Beauty 101

As a working woman it is not always easy to find time to have a beauty regimen.  With some trial and error,  I have now found the products that suit my skin and the regime I need to stick to, to keep my skin glowing.

If you use a lot of make up, the Kiehl’s midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil is great.  I use this every night to remove all the make up and grime off my face and give my face a quick wash with cold water just after that. The skin also needs nourishment other than the food we put into our body, I would advise using the Kiehl’s night repair serum to nourish the face.  Take two drops in your hand and apply gently on your face. I then moisturise my face with their Skin renewing cream.  The skin renewing cream has manuka honey which gives the face a glow and also keeps it will moisturised for wintry dry days.

Off late, I have become very particular about everything I use on my skin. Therefore, why should it be any different for my hair.  I changed to Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo earlier in 2017.  The shampoo is paraben and sulphite free and suitable to all hair types.  It has done great for my hair that was falling rapidly with the rough water we have in the UK.


I hope you found this article useful.  I would love to hear your comments.

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A Sp(a)ctacular Day

It’s not often that I get time to go to the spa, but when I do it is indeed a spa-ctaclar day.

The glassworks spa in Cambridge is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy. You can sit in the Jacuzzi and watch the world go by, enjoy the views of river Cam and watch the many punters on the river crashing into the walls!

The spa also has facilities such as a steam and sauna room. Many treatments to choose from and if you are lucky you may get some Elemis sample size products.

Beautiful to watch the river cam and relax in the jacuzzi
Watching the world go by
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All things Cambridge

In my first blog post I am going to write about one of my favourite cafe’s in Cambridge, UK.  Espresso Library, situated on East Road in Cambridge was one of the first cafe’s that started serving matcha latte in historic Cambridge.  When I heard that, I had to go try it out – and find out all the hype behind matcha latte.  If you have a peculiar taste for bitter things then matcha latte will not disappoint. Continue reading “All things Cambridge”